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When playing Halo, or other online games, is to get a double kill, then proclaim "Double Crumpets!" to further the embarresment of the people you just killed
(Just Killing two people at once playing Halo 2)
Game: Double Kill!

Nick (In the mike): Double Crumpets!
автор: Nomis06 14 июня 2007

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When playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live, is to kill two people at the same time, resulting in a Double Kill. When achieving this, you yell Double Crumpet to further enhance the embarassment you inflicted upon them.
(When playing Halo 2 Online)
Halo 2 Game: Double Kill

Nick: Double Crumpet, KSI losers!

KSI Losers: Damn, we suck!
автор: Hoyl3 3 июля 2007