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masturbating two times or more consecutively. as in, without loss of erection.
School's out tomorrow. I think I'll pull off a double header.
автор: whitebolo 15 января 2005
60 28
Felatio performed by two people upon one other person simultaneously.
Sarah actually brought her friend over last night and they gave me a double header. Two mouths are better than one.
автор: Chase Daugherty 28 ноября 2006
49 19
Two dicks in the pink or the stink
We gave Stéphanie a Double-Header all night long!
автор: MOCO & P-Phat 11 февраля 2007
39 25
Getting oral by two women at the same time.
That was a great double header.
автор: IloveDoubleHeaders 31 марта 2010
25 13
The event of having sex with one partner right after another.
Man, last night I had a double-header with a blonde hottie and her brunette ho biatch friend.
автор: KBK 22 января 2005
14 4
When you fuck two different people on seperate occasions during the same day.
"sorry dude, i can't come by right now, or later either for that matter. I'm with gina right now, then I'll be headed over to laura's. It's a regular double header!"
автор: master holy crap 6 августа 2008
25 18
(noun) When two people (usually women) give a man a blowjob at the same time, whether it be at the head at the same time, licking the shaft or balls, or alternating between same.
"Dude! Last night, my girl had her friend come over and they both gave me a Double Header from Hades!"


"These two sluts I met at the bar took me back to their place for some Double Header action. Know what I mean?"
автор: Boss of the Sauce!!! 24 июля 2012
6 5