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To screw up a major opportunity, that possibly comes along only once in a blue moon.
"One keg of beer, two blonde twins, a hotel room, and an endless supply of rubbers. Think he shagged them? Nope. He dropped the ball."
автор: D. Gould 15 февраля 2006
To fail so epicly that you in turn lose close friends and potential long term benefits. After dropping ones ball, those around you should immediatly do either or both of the following...
1) Insult your previous friend to a new extreme of humiliation. Use insults that do not necessarily have to be funny, but hurtful, words that will effectively break down the person's self will. To further intensify the ridicule, create a nickname for said 'ball dropper' that will always and forever refresh why the person will only ever be invited to events to be known as the guy who fucked up. (you fucked up chants are usually followed)
2) Never talk to them again, only talk about them when referring to them as "the stain." See "The Stain" for definition.
Through the crowd at a party, you notice a young feeble dainty male rockin a scarf and a brand new pair of his tight gay ass white pants. You walk away trying to ignore him and find some sexy ladies to start up some flip and continue being awesome. Moments later a catchy song comes on, clearly a girls song, but if it gets them dancing, you dont mind. Out of th corner of your eye you see the justin bieber-like fuck climb on a chair only to dance in the gayest/uncoolest possible way. You are filled with the urge to hurt him to avoid any future encounters but instead are pleasently awakened by him slipping off the chair and plummeting in the middle of the crowd. Silence follows and the music seems to stop. The first one to say a word, is one of your buddies, you know the guy who can drink anything and is just a party machine, he bursts out with a "you fucked up" while pointing with his finger mere inches from the kids stupid face. The second verse is accompanied by everyone at the party, and a smug feeling comes over you because you now everyone else knows that he DROPPED THE BALL! You later continue to make friends by using the opening line, "fuck that kids a stain."
автор: BAMF Ass Mother fucker 27 апреля 2010
When Randy Moss fucked The Patriots over by letting the ball slip from his fingers with less than a minute left in the 2008 Superbowl.
Randy Moss sure dropped the ball, what an epic failure.
автор: PatrikM 3 февраля 2008
Someone fucking something up because they're incompentent or weren't paying attention, thusly fucking themselves and possibly others over.
Biff: Christy sure dropped the ball on this whole Christmas party thing, now I have to come in this Saturday to help decorate.
Joey: That blows dude, she should be fired.
автор: Gamblar 9 декабря 2006
When talking to someone and you cant think of anything else to say to keep the conversation going
I dropped the ball while talking to lisa the other day.
автор: peee ceee teee vee 31 октября 2007
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