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Acronym for "Dios Te Bendiga" or God Bless You in spanish
Used mainly by internet users
Feliz cumpleaños amigo DTB
автор: Arielrock1 7 марта 2011
431 87
Is a spanish expression, that means:

Dios Te Bendiga (God bless you)
A. nos vemos, hasta mañana! (cya 2morrow)
B. bye! DTB (bye! god blees you)
автор: engelz 12 октября 2010
336 38
down to burn
Sam: "Who's dtb?"
Sarah: "Link me up."
автор: thenamessarah 6 октября 2013
9 7
Death to band sluts!
Tweeted by Michael Bohn from Woe, Is Me.
Band guy 1: That crazy blonde chick tried to break into our tour bus!
Band guy 2: Wtf, DTBS
автор: deathtobandsluts 28 июля 2011
17 26
A day time bone. The act of having sex when it is still light out.
Yo girl you wanna come over for a D.T.B.?

Girl: Of course, I'll be there in 10.
автор: srfnsk8 3 декабря 2010
9 23
Dirty. Thong. Bitches:)
Your a DTB.!!!>:P
автор: homie g. eva& homie h. adriana 16 июля 2011
5 22
Down To Bro.
Tommy: "Dude your always slammin your chick. You're never D.T.B. anymore bro!"

Steve: "Bro, I get off at 5 and I don't have shit to do. I'm so D.T.B."
автор: Buffalo Bro 24 января 2010
7 25