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An old fashioned word for a bee (bumble bee) used predominantly in Dorset, UK
I stread on a dumbledore (I stood on a bee)
автор: Mekon666 28 апреля 2009
50 31
v.; to burn, scar, blacken and otherwise damage some part of the body, particularly a hand.
From the name Dumbledore, character in the series of Harry Potter books, whose hand is injured and is scarred permanently.
You don't put your hand into acid unless you want it dumbledored.
автор: Princess Aranel 24 августа 2005
59 47
The puppet in potter puppet pals that comes up randomly while naked
Person 1: GOD whos that naked puppet
person 2: THATS Dumbledore
Dumbledore puppet: NAKED TIME!!!!!!
Person 1: GOD!!!!!!
автор: minerva snape 9 января 2009
8 2
Homosexual, after Joanna Rowling stated in a press interview that her popular character was, in fact, gay.
Elton John's a bit Dumbledore, isn't he?
автор: Sam Kerridge 1 ноября 2007
20 22

(and apparently in love with Grindevald


Wow, the Christians will lov this.... hahahahahahahaha
автор: Nonyo Binness 23 октября 2007
38 41
a female with excessive tangled unmanaged and scary pubic hair

it looks like theres a tarantula nest on her crotch
автор: The Philosophizer 29 мая 2011
2 6
To be gay. IE The act of being gay.
Dood! I the hotel lists the pornos you watched, your so dumbledore.

Tyler: I saw you fist that handsome young strapping apple core down the street, you so dumbledore!

Andre: Why?
автор: "The Icon" Tyclar 20 октября 2007
99 103