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To do this you must be the driver, and have power windows and window locks. Roll up all of the windows and lock them. Fart as much as you possibly can then turn the heat on and put it on recircle not fresh. You now have a dutch convection oven.
Five people are in the car and you are driving. Driver Rolls up windows turns heat on recircle and yells, DUTCH CONVECTION OVEN!
автор: Zach Walker 3 сентября 2006

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blanket car dutch oven car oven duch car oven dutch dutch oven dutch oven in car fart farted farts gas oven prank
Like a Dutch Oven, only you lift the blankets sightly under their chin while raising then lowering your legs. The fart rushes out - directly into the face of the joyous receipient.
Girlfriend: "What happened? I just woke up in a pile of my puke..."
Boyfriend: "I gave you a Dutch Convection Oven... go make me a sandwich"
автор: illgrac 8 декабря 2009