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When a fail is such a great fail that is it epic.
Dude, I went Christmas tree shopping and I accidentally made a tree fall and all of them came down like dominos.

Epic fail, man.
автор: Awesomepunk95 21 декабря 2010
3 2
Obama, Pelosi and all the other idiots who passed or supported this abomination of a health care bill. This is a disgrace to America.
John: Obama's health care bill just passed.

Derek: Great, we all just got an Alabama hot pocket from congress... epic fail
автор: ATRUEAmerican 21 марта 2010
8 7
To fail so badly it is impossible to live with the shame. People have known to use this term when a friend( or anybody for that instance ) fails so badly it is epic.
Guy: I just drove my car into a house!

Me: Why?

Guy: I was studieing the house.

Me: Epic Fail man, Epic fail...
автор: Guy.Mr.Person.Sir 9 августа 2009
3 2
the word said when someone does or says something completely, ridiculously stupid, incorrect, or pointles.
someone trips and falls, you say "epic fail"
автор: loki_kewl 21 мая 2009
4 3
A failure of EPIC proportions.
Announcer: "And he...DROPS the ball!"


Man: "Oh no i just came!"

автор: Lavander Goons 14 мая 2009
5 4
Uncomparable failure at something
Sedrik in Heroic ramps as the tank.

'Man that was an epic fail'

'No. Sedrik in heroic ramps is epic fail.
автор: boris929 21 декабря 2008
10 9
Not being able to achieve the easiest task imaginable.
Its like someone asking you to do three push ups and you can't do one. -Epic Fail

"David come on man how do you manage to not do one push up, epic fail bro."
автор: Abdellah 4 февраля 2012
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