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Stands for "Fuckin Old Guy". You know who they be, outta touch, grumpy old bastards!
DJ: We betta get movin', here comes the FOG to run us off!
Angus: FOG?
DJ: Ya, Fuckin Old Guy. The bitch can't hang, Roger!
автор: eatmecc 14 февраля 2007
7 13
Abbreviation for Free Online Games.
Hey Jen, know any good FOG?


Oh! I mean Free Online Games!

Oh! here it is!.

автор: awesomez 7 июля 2010
1 8
When a person loans an item to a friend, then proceeds to ask about the return of the item at every meeting, phone conversation and social gathering; even going to the point of asking 3rd parties about the item.
Person #1 - Hey man do you have my machine that i loaned you? I need to get it back right away.

Person #2 - Dude, you gave it to me yesterday, and you already asked me this 13 times today.

Person #3 - Hey dude, Ryan is looking for you, something about a machine he loaned you.

Person #2 - Geez this guy is fogging me from all angles.

(Phone Rings, Person #1 calling)

Person #2 - Hey Ryan, dont Fog me bro, im dropping the machine off now.
автор: 2.0 Steve 10 ноября 2009
2 9
Geordie for 'First'
Nee keepers, it's fog man back
автор: alansdeepbath 20 октября 2008
3 10
A gay dog. Fag + Dog = Fog
That dog was so gay, it wasn't even a dog, it was a Fog.
автор: DianaBanana 13 июня 2011
4 12
related to fob but directed at puns hindus and other brown people. literally means "Fresh off the Goat".
"EW! Look at that fog with all that curry!"
автор: barney 12 декабря 2004
8 16
A fog is A Fat Obese Giant = FOG

the word was created apon seeing a girl named jayde.
oh gee look at jayde

shes such a FOG!
автор: James Caporn 12 декабря 2007
3 12