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A fantastic testicle... a fantasticle.
Ryan: Sean, you have fantasticles.
Sean: You're a creep.
автор: daflubbernaut123 10 марта 2010
Something that is good, great, very nice etc.
Oh my god, that movie is fantasticle
автор: Butosi 17 февраля 2004
Fantastic Testicles
You got some fantasticles!!
автор: Da Wifeys 10 октября 2011
Something that is so good that you just cant even react to it so you say this
Carmen: I just got my Starbucks and im ready to party
pam: Oh my God Yesssss.. Fantasticle
автор: i<3k bff 1 июня 2014
so awesome it exceeds fantastic. it provides excitement.
kat: did you hear the good news?
t: yeah that's so fantasticle!
автор: blitzkat 1 июня 2009