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a kickass animal
ferrets kick ass
автор: anonymous 14 октября 2003
657 135
The most desirable of any domesticated animal.
My ferret Slinky ran away, so I shot myself.
автор: Anonymous 10 апреля 2003
456 130
A small lovable animal of the marmot family, which has a slinky for a spine, and a thieves way of finding all of your loot and distributing it back in there own hiding places.
"Honey, have you seen where the ferret hid my keys?"
автор: Gueethepagan 4 мая 2005
338 86
Best thing of anything. ever. all who say otherwise should go suck on it.
автор: Who wants to know? 5 апреля 2003
301 119
Ferrets are playful, curious, fun and interesting. They are related to pole cats, sunks, weazels and meakats They often get too excited and run into things espeialy when on tiles. They "dook" when playing. Ferrets are NOT vicious unless u train them to be.They come in different colours not just albino.
Awwww look at the cute little ferret...:)
автор: **~~Ferret Lover~~** 20 сентября 2006
229 95
a gorges playfull little aniaml...kind of like a weasel..great pets!
my ferret is so funny,we can watch her all day
автор: glt 26 августа 2006
159 82
an amazing animal. looks like a small version of a cat crossed with a wiener dog
person 1: what is that?

person 2: its a snake with legs!

person 3: no, its a ferret
автор: slinky cat 4 февраля 2009
70 29