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The noise of a stifled snigger made by infantile males when confronted with a tenuous "double entendre".
Q: "Would you like breast or leg?"
A: "fnar"
автор: zeno 25 марта 2005
392 94
1) Fnar, abbreviation for "For No Apparent Reason"

2) A character in the comic "Jack" (by David Hopkins) at www.pholph.com
1) Then he dropped over dead fnar.

2) Fnar is innocent and unaffected by Hell.
автор: Horza 13 июля 2005
37 12
Acronym: For No Apparent Reason
автор: Ender 4 ноября 2003
28 11
An exclamation of annoyance and frustration. Normally used when changes of circumstances and factors beyond your control have disrupted plans. Sometimes used in sympathy for someone in the above situation.

Similar usage (but inverse meaning) to w00t! The tone of voice is more important than the word.
"What's up?"
"I've just found out I've go to work overtime and can't go clubbing tonight"
"That sucks!"

"... but now it looks like I can't go - I'd even got a pith helment specially for the occasion."
автор: SPAN-R 8 мая 2009
13 110
Acronym meaning "For No Apparent Reason".
Guy 1: *slaps closest person*
Guy 2: "hey! why did you do that!?!"
Guy 1: "fnar"
автор: TWZ 2 августа 2005
61 165
The sound made during particularly enthusiastic cunnilingnus.
"fnar fnar fnar"

*woman orgasms*
автор: Shadow_Wolf 22 декабря 2004
52 169