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to mean it is acceptable and highly approved by someone.

Orgin: Hiphop Mid 80's Ny

Fresh is derived as in the sense of seeing something brand new and is attracting people like cars in commercials. but is used to refer to anything highly approved by someone.
"Those are some fresh shoes!"

"Lets go to Darrels Shop they got fresher records down there".
автор: Lec2 9 февраля 2003
1644 622
very good/fly (in relation to clothes, cars, bling, and style)
man, yo lookin fresh tonight!!
bitch don't touch my fresh-self!
автор: princess D 30 октября 2003
1170 450
cool, in style.
I dress so fresh and clean.
автор: zach 26 ноября 2002
808 440
Someone who is cocky, arrogant and a flirt. One can be accused of being Fresh or trying to get get Fresh with someone. This is usually when someone tries to get some physical action without permission first.
1 - Hey, hows it going? *Slides hand to 2's waist*

2 - Are you trying to get Fresh with me?

1 - Me? No....

автор: Enigma Pie 29 июля 2006
932 608
1.Of great quality
1.Yo, i dont care what none of yall say, im fresh ta death
2.Yo, i got a haircut, that shit is fresh
автор: Dub-Fresh 17 декабря 2006
464 314
someone who has a totally differnent look and is unlike no other
bboy carter is fresh
автор: so potato 2 марта 2010
232 160
A word commonly used when something or someone is good.
"That guy last night was freshhhh!"
автор: z(L)92 12 мая 2009
175 117