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annoying kid smiley face singing a earworm for a breakfast cereal
frosties kid = thrush boy in need of a slap!!!
shite advert on uk tv but the kids think they are Greeeaaaattt
your just like the frosties kid an annoying little twat that dont shut up and gets right on your nips
автор: soapy-uk 31 июля 2006

Слова, связанные с frosties kid

cereal david hasslehoff earworm frosties jake kid rainbow slap sperm spunk spunk rainbow thrush yum
1.the annoying brat off of the frosties advert. he says sumbliminal messages in the advert if you play it backwards.
2. someone who eats thin air (who is blonde) whilst doing the long jump
1. i just hate the frosties kid, that ad is soooo anoying!
2. OMG, did you see jake do the long jump? he is so the frosties kid. why don't we sing the song to him whenever we see him? yeah, that sounds like fun.
автор: what.do.you.care? 2 октября 2006