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a great term for that "special someone" show them that you care, and you love them.
I love you fuckface.
hey fuckface i love you.
fuckface you rck muh' sox.
автор: Murphie M. 12 сентября 2006
275 203
Someone who is so ugly or so messed up you have no other word to describe them
Dude look at that Fuckface
автор: anonymous 4 декабря 2002
207 149
It's what a fuck would look like if it had a face.
You're the pure definition of fuckface!
автор: Mick the Dick 10 июля 2011
117 63
Insult: to state that someone looks like a real fucker; i.e., as in a chode or asshole.
Man, what a fuck face that guy is!
автор: Gil 11 апреля 2003
193 141
a insult/bad name to someone acting like a bitch
guy 1 throws a rock at guy 2
guy 2 "you stupid fuck-face"
автор: troy9o9 23 июля 2009
36 1
the faces that you make when she is wearin yo ass out ...the faces she make whe you are layin pipe to dat ass
"Man I was hittin that ass ,it was so good we started exchangin Fuck Faces ....
also ...rap song by Houston Rapper Scarface
автор: Big Dread 20 сентября 2006
52 28
Another name used for your ex husband.
Fuck face didnt pay his child support again.
автор: River Dragon 6 июня 2011
56 33