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A crusted up piece of shit, mixed with toilet paper and lint, that hangs from the fuzz of your anal treasure hole.

See Also: Dingoberry or Dingle Berry
Hey, Im not licking that with a fuzz nugget hanging from it...Grose!
автор: Umkay 7 ноября 2007

Слова, связанные с fuzz nugget

ass crap dang dingle berry dingoberry dog hair expired fuzz fuzz nuggets nugget nuggets shit
those little balls of God only knows what, that come from between your butt cheeks and seem to collect in your underwear.Origin of said material seems to be : Feces, lint,toilet paper,sweat,general funk of all types and could be semen if you are a fudge packer!
you are as meaningless as a "fuzznugget"
автор: Mavrik75 25 февраля 2013
A person/ thing that is very nice/ kind, you call someone this if you like them
Your a fuzznugget
автор: jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 28 июня 2010
1. expired mcdonalds nuggets that have grown their own fuzz
2. a word in place of, "DANG!" or "CRAP!"
3. small wads of dog hair on your carpet (usually in a nugget shape)
"OMG look at all those fuzz nuggets on my carpet!"
автор: Korindy Halls 5 февраля 2009