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To be really goood at any online game, but not being a neek at that game.

Also a legendary player of Online games who this word was based on - He was also a friend of EdHawks
"Omg you are so fweggy at Runescape its not fair"
"Did you see EdHawks with Fweggy?"
"Being fweggy is so difficult in this game"
автор: JJohnson1 10 июня 2008

Слова, связанные с fweggy

edhawks 4fweg victabb5 camel toe cool ct front wedgie fwedgie fwedgy fweg fweggie gaming good
1. Any form of online games player who is particularly good at that game or games
2. One particular player famous for playing online games and being naturally good at them without being a nerd

Synonyms: 4fweg, VictaBB5
"Wow that guy is too fweggy at this game"
"Is that fweggy i saw over there!"
"Wow that fweggy really knows what hes talking about"
"Fweggy has a big... gaming talent"
автор: fweggy 11 июня 2008