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Any behavior caused by cocaine use.
Man, I was geekin.
автор: Angela Lines 16 декабря 2003
217 183
1.When a person can not stop laughing for anything due to intake of drugs or alcohol

2.When a person is entirely too slap happy.
"wow, hes geekin."

"Get geekin away from me, now!"
автор: Villa Ass Steve 15 марта 2005
467 212
Laughing way too hard at something that is not that funny.
"Dude she's geekin for no reason"
автор: lilwwwww 1 февраля 2009
167 94
when you get too excited about something, or someone.
brah, I went to that trey songz concert last night, I was geekin.

man dis sexy ass nigga at da mall was tryn 2 get @ me, bra i was geekin.
автор: lweezybaybay 26 ноября 2009
91 72
Word used to describe the feeling from using meth-amphetamines
Whoa, dude, I'm geekin balls
автор: LilRaver 20 декабря 2005
86 75
To act in a hyper manner or to "whyle out" as they say in new york.

Yo, after the Ravens won that last game, we was geekin' hard.
автор: Prince Blakk 12 июля 2006
30 20
The increasing trend of people wearing thick glasses, whether they assist with vision or not. This includes RealD glasses with no lenses as a fashion accessory.
"Hey, did you see Von Miller on the sideline during that last Bronco game?"
"Yeah I did, he was straight geekin'."

"Man, what's up with all the rappers geekin' nowadays? B.o.B, T.I., Childish Gambino. I mean I like the look, I just think they were all inspired by E-40."
автор: Saint Even 6 декабря 2011
4 6