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Hard Nipples
"Damn those bitches nipples are glass cutters"
автор: joy1989 26 января 2010
Nipples that are so severely hard or pronounced that they would be capable of cutting glass.
Fuck, it's freezing out there. I've got glass cutters.
автор: aspirin 14 июня 2004
when your nipples are hard from it being too cold.
"It's freezing in here, now people will see my glasscutters."
автор: GhostWriter2 7 июня 2005
When you can see the bulge of a man's package through his underwear resembling a standard glass cutting tool.
See George St. Pierre, G.S.P.

"Hey, did you see G.S.P's glass cutter when he pounded Thiago Alves?"
автор: Brown Nation BN 11 июля 2009