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background information on something or someone; basic facts in order to get a take
(probably from "glossary", the part of a book which lists sources of information)
"ok, so here's the gloss on this new and revamped Mets squad....."
автор: ColdOne 21 ноября 2004
59 22
to shine
all my diamonds gloss
автор: Breakpoint 19 мая 2003
28 17
To give a nickname to someone.
Everyone knows you can't gloss yourself, you have to earn your name.
автор: Steve from Danville 22 июня 2007
17 7
When someone farts quiet and it stinks alot.
Boy : Dude, whats starts with G and ends with s
Boy2 : Gloss!
Boy : Hell yeah!
Boy2 : thats gross uuuuuuugh
автор: JiiZz 4 июня 2011
1 3
The act of becoming gross and or referring to something that is gross.

Also pertains to trying to make a joke from storytelling but end up tripping on your own words (i.e. your brain and your mouth not being able to keep up with each other) and in turn the word gross gets reverse-Asianized and is heard as GLOSS.
While in the wetback section of Fresno, Vos got GLOSSED out at the site of a 86' Camaro on cinder blocks.
автор: www.tubby-bitch.com 25 апреля 2003
12 14
a new way to say hype or ill
yo that nexx gurls gear is gloss
автор: kdfjasd dfkjasdfkj 6 января 2004
5 15
southern slang of the word "to glow"
damn, that ring gloss
автор: soulja 31 декабря 2004
7 24