pretty fukin kool or sick in a good way
shit dude that 7 was gnarrr
автор: courney 25 февраля 2008
gnarly. a better word than dank.
look at his gnar hair!
автор: johnna283742 23 января 2007
coming from the word Gnarley. It means cool, tight, rad, nice, crazy, amazingly good.
I shread the gnar up on skinner's butte.
автор: Value684 20 ноября 2006
Anything you can shred
I just shredded the Gnar. (I just skiied quite well on powder)

I need to go shred the gnar (I have to go take care of business)
автор: Katherine Humberson 16 апреля 2007
The act of being jewed.
"Oh my god, he ate my sandwich, i just got GnaRed!"

"He jacked my kill, i just got GnaRed..."
автор: omfgkyle 19 мая 2008
Usually something that is gross or weird
You see that chick? she was looking as gnar as my dead grandmother.
автор: Jackson Bla 12 июня 2007
when something awesomly awesome to the max.
автор: Herbert Yanocnock 15 октября 2003

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