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When one is the victim of a crime, esp. robbery, murder
"That nigga Tyrone got got last night."
"My house was robbed last week, them niggas got me!"
автор: E.J. Barrois 5 сентября 2005
311 135

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you i a the get have just to ass me owned it some gots on shit my bitch fuck that
turkish word for ass
A: she has a nice göt
B: would u fuck her?
автор: ERiO 8 сентября 2006
144 55
Ebonics way of saying "got." Also used to say "has to." Derived from the word "gotta" taken from “got to.”
"I gots me a new car." Possessive version.

"Gots teeth in yo mouth so my dicks gots to fit!" Both possessive and "has to" versions.
автор: IceWarm 23 марта 2004
99 34
Short for 'Game of Thrones', an HBO show based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.
Holy shit, can you believe what happened on last night's GoT?
автор: Joffrey Baratheon 4 сентября 2011
82 27
1). Swedish slang for butt (ass)
2). Something that's good
3). "Back that ass"

(all of the above are foreign slang)
Backa göten!
"(Back that ass)"
автор: King Jeff 9 августа 2005
66 43
stands for going out tonight/go out tonight
asking whether they are available for a good time
yo tyrone, you GOT?
"damn, jeremy let's just got"
автор: ashpreshmij 6 декабря 2011
26 9
All these morons are pissing me off!

People think that they're so smart when they come in here as grammar experts when they really don't know a single thing about it. "Got" is a real word and it has a real use and almost no one knows it. People will often say "I got to go to the store" when it should be "I have to go to the store". People will also say "I got three dollars" when it should be "I have three dollars". But, the correct usage of "got" is the past tense of "get". This version of "got" should be able to be replaced with "received". For example, "I got a computer last year" IS a correct English sentence.
Got is definitely a word, but many do not know how to use it correctly.
автор: Lelacdescygnes 3 июня 2006
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