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Possibly one of the greatest Ave's ever known to man, and by far is the greatest college street ever. It is located in morgantown wv. It is known for its wild parties and excessive drinking any day at any time. They burn alot of shit. drink there faces off.

go WVU fuck PITT
are you going to class today? fuck no im going to grant ave to drink
автор: eat shit pitt 1 апреля 2009

Слова, связанные с grant ave

beer drink gathering legend party pitt ron ron is home sofas street walk west virginia
The man the myth the LEGEND walk down the street when cops dont patrol or BONITA (Trash Police President). The LEGEND knows where you live and dont keep a 40 around him because he will drink it/ knock it over PS. RONS HOME
Ron cruises the streets late at night in Grant ave
автор: Ronliveshere@Grant 15 апреля 2009