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it is a hella bomb-ass pill of exstacey....that'll make you flip a hella of a lot....
"When I am Ballin out in the 206, I cop them Green Hammers"

автор: Tall TEE Killa 11 декабря 2006

Слова, связанные с green hammer

ballin out dentyin ice drunk g hammer gray hammer green hammer liv is stupid piss
A term used to describe how drunk you are. If you are very drunk, the 'green hammer' will exit your body.
I pissed a green hammer!
автор: notjoe 7 июня 2006
smashing misperceptions about conservation. Thors hammer as symbolic weapon of modern environmental warrior.
The greenhammer was brought to bear in defiance of Monsanto's claim.
автор: treebard 31 декабря 2009