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someone who benches 300 pounds with the worst technique then leaves the weights on the friggin bar when they leave.
looks like that gym idiot can't read the sign. (the one that states in large bold lettering: PLEASE REMOVE WEIGHTS AFTER USE!!)
автор: APiece 29 июня 2004

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Gym member (or more likely someone on free trial) who is more concerned with satisfying his (sometimes her) ego than doing any serious excercise. Will show off by spending ten minutes setting up the heaviest bench-press he can manage only to do one poor-ass set of three reps. Will vie for attention by constantly complaining that the equipment is too easy, despite the fact he is simply doing two a minute on the heaviest setting for a machine.
Damn, another poser gym idiot.
автор: Gumba Gumba 23 февраля 2004