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An alternative to having a girlfriend
"I just got rejected again, oh well, guess it's just me and my hand again"
автор: .. 11 декабря 2003
1081 244
When someone is very quick while fighting.
Yo that nigga got some hands, dont fuck with him
автор: Ryan 11 марта 2004
330 83
Acronym. Have a nice day. (Often said sarcastically.)
Go fuck yourself and HAND.
автор: luser 21 ноября 2002
318 182
Control in a relationship
Ramone has hand in his relationship. That bitch does whatever he says.
автор: Fancypants 1 июля 2003
408 300
A word used to describe someone who is either
A: Willing to accept a fist fight hastily
B: Able to fight well
C: Someone who is feared because of their fighting abilities or past fighting experiences.
"He got hands, don't fuck with him"

a taunt,

"You ain't got no hands to talk"
автор: Eyeballing 7 декабря 2006
138 49
Many a young mans' sex tool...
"It's just me and my hand tonight... Where's the lotion?..."
автор: Trevor Anderson 18 января 2005
245 172
When somebody says or does something stupid, "hands" is called on them. The person that called it gets to slap the other person's hand. If somebody calls "brakes" then it cancels out "hands", therefore one would call "hands, no brakes" to prevent that from happening.
Jonathon: Shit, I don't know what to write in this example box!
Bumm: Hands, no brakes! *slap*
автор: Jonathon, Bumm, Jope, Ryan, and Tyger 26 августа 2007
114 45