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an anoying ball shaped robot that repeats everything it says
Haro, Haro
Fucus, Focus
Sucks to be you, Sucks to be you
автор: C.D.Z. 10 марта 2011
3 7
The word "Hello" pronounced by an Asian man or woman due to very thick accents. Is very hilarious when heard. Asians pronounce an "L" like an "R".
Asian Man - Haro there wourd you rike some rice?

- Dude! Whatever you said, its hilarious!
автор: Haro Prease 31 марта 2009
63 20
meaning HELLO or SUP.
Haro friend!
автор: Margela 26 апреля 2006
62 29
The round, green, basketball sized robot in Mobile Suit Gundam created by Amuro Ray. Capable of hovering, and memorizing some simple phrases (like a parrot). Haro's material is unknown, but is able to withstand a bullet, gaining only a small scratch.
"Haro Genki!"
автор: Muu Fraga 11 ноября 2003
51 23
Highly overrated bmx bicycles.
"Hey I bought a Haro, it's awesome!"

-2 weeks later-

"My haro fell apart and broke! What were the chances?"
автор: r0gue 6 августа 2006
49 37
1.An ok company for parts but make shit frames, generally overpriced.
2. Often posers buy them.
1. The haro backtrail x2 is $400-$500 and only has one chromoly tube.

2. People that can't ride buy haros.
Get one of the following instead:
freeagent, redline, mosh, diamondback, fbm, macneil, wethepeople (if you have $1000), hoffman ordk.
автор: Marbarian 12 марта 2005
46 37
the company all the poser riders buy from.
автор: anonymous 10 октября 2003
35 32
the shittyest bike company on earth, worse than murry, huffy, mongoose, or even schwinn
all man, thats a haro
автор: casey the great 7 июля 2003
38 35