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one who uses the term "hella" all too much.
person 1: hey man, that was hella rad. let's to to the park, we'll have a hella good time.

person 2: wow, you use hella quite a bit. you're such a hellaphant...

автор: Mr.Peaches 11 января 2008

Слова, связанные с hellaphant

elephant hella cake hell hellaphan mass phant phat shoes sick-nasty sneaks t hella tight
An enormous amount of Hella used to replace the need for words like tight, phat or sick-nasty, that can just not be covered by the usual use of Hella
Those sneaks you got on are Hellaphant Micheal
автор: singah 4 июля 2011
A Mass amount of Hella or Elephant amounts of Hella replacing useless extra words after the word Hella
Ex 1: This cake you made is Hellaphant
Ex 2: Your shoes are Hellaphant
автор: POW12121 5 июня 2011