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a term derrived from literati, i.e. a person that uses his acumen to investigave deep issues of human existence. In this case, the hipsterati use their acumen (and we use this term lightly) to keep up on the pressing issues of the latests microtrends. They tend to move in "too-hip-for-thou" cliques and pass judgement on what is and isn't in.
-How was the show last night?
-It was amazing, but it was so crowded because the Hipsterati were out en masse!
автор: Carlos R 10 июня 2006

Слова, связанные с hipsterati

clique fashionista hipster hipsters literati microtrends

1) synonym for hipsters.
I can't go anywhere in this town without being overrun by the hipsterati.
автор: katesherlock 13 ноября 2004