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a combination of the words homeless and bum to make one general term
sweatdog on 9th avenue is a hobo
автор: thomas 21 декабря 2004
17 25
Hobo, is a person that sleeps in the doorway of a police station - because one gets given free coffee. Trust me i tried it, its true. You get a donut too if you use your manners when recieving your coffee.
'Hello Cunt-stable. May you stretch your kindness out to one homeless person such as I, Lend me a helping hand, or a coffee. Please. I would also like that donut you shall be consuming. Thankyou Cunt-stable.
4 12
1.An unkempt youth, generally has lots of hair/lice
2. A tramp, a homeless person
3. A scruffily affectionate version of the hobo
1.Gee Wiz, look at that for a hobo, a human dread maan.

2. Aww come 'ere yous great hobo.
автор: Noodle 4 февраля 2004
2 10
A bum that can hop a train
He's a hobo
автор: anonymous 11 ноября 2003
18 26
Ragged individual that travels illegaly on freight trains. Most commonly found hiding in railyards. known to be alcoholics.
Man crackron (Akron) is full of hobo's
автор: mike kodish 20 октября 2003
6 14
slang for a homeless person; often derogatory.
автор: anonymous 9 августа 2003
9 17
a person who lives on the streets, looking for things to get in trouble with, such as swearing or stealing cherished items.
"I saw a hobo by our school XD"
автор: :D CIN! 19 мая 2009
3 12