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(v.) to hit someone or something with one's dick; equally effective against a gal's cheek or a national monument.

see also, dickslap
that birthday cake was sort of pissing me off, so i hodged the shit out of it. left several mushroom-shaped indentations.
автор: jimmyweeds 14 мая 2004
233 126
v. to slap someone in the face with a penis.
adj. crazy
1) I totally hodged her last nite.
2) That party was hodge.
автор: Rolls 5 декабря 2004
82 61
Legend Funny and the most sexy man in WA
Wow hodges sure is legendary and funny and sexy
автор: Hod_gy 29 августа 2008
35 25
Doing the complete opposite of what your told
You can't bring anybody to my party ok. Ok. turns up with 15 friends. Jesus Christ you've done a Hodges
автор: Sex pest! 27 июля 2011
14 5
a friend
your a good man hodge
автор: andy fike 1 декабря 2009
38 30
another name for meth pipe.
AJ: hey I just got some g rock, but no hodge. You got one?

Gabby: only if you get me high.
автор: gabrcbr 13 марта 2010
13 10
to spill or break a bottle of beer.
to spill any alcoholic beverage.
"Angus knocked over a whole beer, he's such a hodge."
"I got so hammered last night I hodged my beer."
автор: dobid 20 марта 2009
17 17