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iLrn (circa 2000) was a form of cruel and unusual punishment practiced by various universities around the US, similar to that of maple and matlab.

The online homework program utilizes a unique "insanity" factor by repeatedly telling students they are WRONG in large, red, bold letters, even when they answer a question right.
-Hey did you go that iLrn homework?
-Nah, I just went to the store for some rope and tied a noose instead.
автор: zchris87v 26 сентября 2006

Слова, связанные с iLrn

college homework i'm laughing lmao lmfao lol maple matlab now online right rofl satan
short for "i'm laughing right now"
IFLRN is extended for "i'm fucking laughing right now"
mostly used on internet conversations.

you're gay!
автор: czarjoN 1 августа 2008