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Slang for "convenience charge," the fee that Ticketmaster/Ticketbastard adds to your ticket price to cover their overhead, labor costs, and hosting bills.
Her: Hang on, this show is only 20 bucks. Why the hell is my credit card about to be charged $32.50??

Him: Yeah, that would be the inconvenience charge. Bastards.

автор: Shelley McIntyre 30 апреля 2008

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ticketmaster tickets charge concert concerts events fee foghat monopoly scam shows tax ticketbastard
The BS fee Ticketmaster charges they claim is a "Convenience Charge" when buying concert tickets.
Hey Wesley, what do I owe you for the Foghat tix?

The tickets were $25, please another $20 for the Ticketmaster inconvenience charge.

Wow - so Ticketmaster charges also as much as the band?

Yeah, but sometimes you can avoid the inconvenience charge by purchasing directly at the venue.
автор: DavidPeverett 4 марта 2010