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White Trash version of "and then she ate."
"My wife drank two beers, initiate three corn dogs."
автор: Ema Nymton 11 апреля 2003
19 14
Redneck term for "and then she ate."
My wife ate three double cheeseburgers initiate some fries.
автор: Micah 22 декабря 2003
12 12
to eat one item, then to eat another
first she ate a cheeseburger, initiate fries
автор: J2theIZZIEMM 13 декабря 2005
14 16
1: If you are a redneck, a way to say "and then she ate".

2: For most oters it means to start somting, take the initiative for something or to propose someting.
1: She drank 1 gallon beer, ate two burgers, initiate a supersized happymeal

2:He, or she(in fear of millitant feminists), initiated the building of the house.
автор: Ole 11 июня 2005
16 21