Policy or an action that is silly.
"That's so fucking irish" mainly used by scots or english who are a bit racist.
In the same league as my mum giving my brother the nickname "O'Reily" because he's a bit thick. Coming from the traditional joke format, "An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman..." where the irishman is the butt of the joke.
"We're building a bridge, but we don't have any river to build it over, so its been cancelled and we're not going into work any more." Dylan Moran giving an example of irish news.
#silly #illogical #sideways #stupid #thick #joke #racist
автор: lady comic 21 января 2007
People who have been known to have a very hot headed temper.
Better watch out for that angry guy he's Irish.
автор: Big Spenda 25 ноября 2004
1. The goofiest looking nationality on the planet. 2. Euphemism for drunk. 3. Posessing way too much pride in ethnic identity.
1. That girl has the wierdest eye shape and some crazy eyebrows. Plus, she smells like week old tater tots. She must be Irish.

2. Why is tara using Jack Daniel's in a beer bong? Because Tara is an Irish.

3. My name is Erin Morris. That's about as Irish as you can get. I hate Irish people and thier sense of self-importance. They are worse than mexicans.
#colleen #meagan #meghan #seamus #leprecauns #lucky charms #sean #tara #maureen #potatoes #famine #inhabitants of shithead countries
автор: shithead420 12 апреля 2007
People who are prone to tell you how great they are. Fond of touting their robust economy while failing to mention it was built on the foundation of an E.U. welfare state. Think everything Celtic is romantic, special, unique blah blah blah. Sometimes consider the Scotch and Welsh as Celtic kinsman and sometimes exclude them for not not being true Celts (as if Ireland has the only claim). Say they have their own language but unlike Wales, no one can actually speak it and haven;t for years (That makes them posseurs). Their beer is overrated (Beamish is really good, but doesn't have Guiness' marketing) food sucks (this ain't no France) and sometimes call themselves the blacks of Europe (this is especially offensive, yes they were oppressed but is this the equivalent of enslavement? Only a douchebag Irishman would think so). Do have a good history of music (the folk shit gets old but they can boast of Van Morrison, U2, Thin Lizzie etc.) The one factor that redeems the Irish? They can shit in a bag, stamp made in Ireland on it, and sell it to stupid Americans for $50.
Irish-American wannabe: Kiss Me I'm Irish
Irishman: Where you from?
IAW: Boston, Red Sox Rule!
Irishman: (shitting in a bag) Would you like to buy an authentic Irish souvenir?
#celt #douchebag #pride #loser #vomit
автор: ThunderMummy 31 октября 2005
The coolest people ever, and yes we ARE all alchoholics. dont beleive the lies, we are soaked with booze and thats the way we like it. NOT the same as british becasue we have so much better of an accent and are nly rivaled in awsomeness by scotland, both of which have kicked englands ass.
Man im so hungover, last night i really got into my irish heritage.
#drunk #awsome #crazy #alchoholic #potatos.
автор: Mr. CW Nelson 7 марта 2008
fantastic Red haired scarily pale breed of people found on small cold island on outskirts of Europe
Famous for
- Heavy drinking
- Teaching americans that Pog ma hone is an olde worlde Irish greeting
- And generally being fantastic
Gee whizz I wish I was a fantastic irish person, id greet them all with a heartey "pog ma hone"
автор: fantastic 6 декабря 2003
Hot tempered, stinky, alcholic, ginger headed little men and women with annoying accents. The rest of Europe gets a good laugh out of them.
Irishman: "oh deary, the leprachan took me pot 'o gold, wheres me pint?"

Frenchman: "Send our rubbish barges to Ireland!"
#irish #mic #leprachan #ireland #europe #alcoholic #st. patrick's day
автор: bonerjams2000 17 марта 2008
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