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A combonation of a Jew and a Mormon.
I cant buy coffey, one it has caffine, two it costs to much!
You Jorman!
автор: Naveid 28 апреля 2005

Слова, связанные с jorman

blancophile ben blanco blonde moments boyfriend conceded love mine peadophile sweet
best boyfriend anybody could ever have. he may be smart but has HUGE blonde moments. shy and quiet but once you get to know him you can get him to stfu <3 knows just what to say to bring a smile to your face. impossible to forget. there's one one of him, and i have him <3
sweet, cute, funny, original, conceded, quiet, smart, adorable, honest, faithful.
jorman, i don't know what to get from the vending machine!
автор: jan.9.09 9 января 2010