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Like dickhead. Except with a knob.
That knobhead over there is an awful knobhead.
автор: Will 12 мая 2003
194 63
British slang
Translates to dick head
He's just a knob head with no knob.
автор: Cate 11 декабря 2003
152 29
Used to refer to or insult a foolish person.

See also: dickhead
"He's such a knobhead."

"You absolute knobhead."
автор: Kelly 22 декабря 2004
87 17
<noun> British offensive slang term used as a variant of "Dick head" to describe an obnoxious person or someone who has acted in a peculiar and/or ludicrous manner.
"You fucking knob-head! Why did you do that?!"
автор: Stuart Fletcher 1 ноября 2004
90 38
Northern term of endearment. Can be used both positively and negatively dependant on tone of voice!
How many times do I have to tell you, ya knob head.
Oi Brian, get some teaching done, ya knob head!
Is he a scum fan {Manchester United}? Yeah, he's a proper knob head.
автор: Sir Sean 27 ноября 2006
64 33
This word can be used in all circumstances and with anyone, especially students who like to expand their knowledge of English...
Kinky Bob is a knobhead!!!Who is unable to take the piss out of someone!!
автор: Tracey the lap dancer 23 октября 2004
41 28
bacically a total dickhead with no friends
take a look in da mirror
автор: Blue-boy 2 января 2004
63 54