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talking down, disrespecting, degrating in a nice way
I aint knocking your lexus but my caddy will smoke ya..


your shoes are gay, i aint knocking ya you know what im saying, but the ladies ain't gonna come holla with them thangs..
автор: Brian 13 сентября 2004

Слова, связанные с knocking

knock knocked out hit punch sex door bang fuck slap the cock knocks off beat knocker bitch bump nock over
Having sex with.

A contraction of "Knocking the back out of"
Hey, did you know Bruce is knocking Sarah?
автор: ryan 24 марта 2004
Sending someone a video request thru Knocking Live Video on your mobile phone.
I'm Knocking on your phone! Please answer!
автор: The World Is Knocking 13 мая 2010