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1. Filipino name for the Philippine Hanging Parrot (Loriculus philippensis), a small and colorful parrot which is indigenous to the Philippines. Found both in the wild and in captivity as pets.

2. In Filipino, a derogatory term for a concubine or a third party.
1. I've seen a beautiful kulasisi in the pet shop. Where did you get yours?

2. Is Paris Hilton just another kulasisi of Salomon?
автор: Dorky Cho 12 апреля 2009

Слова, связанные с kulasisi

bird colasisi concubine kolasisi paris hilton parrot salomon skank third party whore
in japanese,concubine...in filipino kabit.
si juan di makuntento sa isang babae.meron na naman siyang bagong kulasisi.matinik talaga!
автор: manyak manok 20 февраля 2005