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When a person laughs so hard they fart simultaneously and/or a person notorious for doing so.
Bro1- "Hahahahahahaha"*farts noisily*
Bro2- "Dude did you just do some laughfarter?"
Bro1- "Yeah."
Bro2- "Again, seriously?"
автор: OkamiSeishin 20 февраля 2014

Слова, связанные с laughfarter

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Someone who laughs so uncontrollably that they are unable to control their flatulence. The release of gas may lead to more laughing which then leads to another fart. Laughfarters are common amongst happy and vegetable eating societies.
HAHAHA we were all laughfarters that night after we ate all that cabbage soup...
автор: smelllkalsjlkglak 8 июля 2009