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To raise up or leave.
Me and my mans about to levitate - Mos Def
автор: D-Bruch 7 ноября 2006
43 5
to steal. to take without permission.
Man, why you tryin' to levitate my fries?

I can't believe they levitated my T.V!
автор: Flippy Jr. 18 мая 2005
13 13
When youre boxers are kliming op all day, and makes youre pants fit unconfortable and you want to put them back in theire original position
watch those woofers levitate
автор: Mc G 3 июня 2005
7 8
To have ill-fitting denim trousers ride up uncomfortably on your crotch.
Damn, I getting a rash; my levis have been having the tendancy to levitate all day.
автор: Harry flashman 29 июля 2003
4 11
A pokemon ability that causes ground type moves to miss.
Golem used Earthquake,

Flygon makes ground-type moves miss with levitate.
автор: Light Joker 13 июля 2004
8 16