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This is a term said to someone if their response in conversation does not warrant a reply.

It is derived from the way dolphins are taught tricks. If the dolphin does not do what they are meant to you are to blank them and not show any form of response.

This is most commonly used when speaking with your partner after numerous arguments about the same think and they have not learnt from the previous argument.
Fred: Oranges are green.
Ted: like a dolphin.
автор: tedfred 29 апреля 2008

Слова, связанные с like a dolphin

dolphin like a blanking dolfin dolphine ignoring
to describe anything at all that does not include something a dolphin would do
"dude, i just got laid"
"oh man thats awesome.... LIKE A DOLPHIN!"
автор: f-tang, and lewychewy 16 февраля 2011