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Laughing out loud at ...

Generally used when not actually laughing out loud and just pointing out something funny, or making fun of something.
LOL @ Greg, he smells.
LOL @ u suck at life.
LOL @ green poo.
LOL @ LOL @.
автор: jadamcmiles 23 ноября 2006

Слова, связанные с lol @

lol @ funny laughing out loud lol@ lol at lol@yrface lol@ yr face lol@yr face
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
@ = At

So Lol@ Is Laughing At Someone/Something Funny
Jon: Dude That Pinguin Fell On His Ass
Jon: LOL
автор: PEWPEWWW 14 декабря 2007
An extension of the popular internet and text messaging acronym 'lol', the difference being when the 'lol' is aimed at something, or someone, in particular, and not necessarily as a general amusement to the conversation.
Person 1: I got a bad mark at my maths mock yesterday. Didn't care - got a crap teacher anyway.
Person 2: Lol@Mr Garrison!
автор: xmaramena 12 февраля 2012