It is impossible to define the meaning of love because each person has a different interpretation of it.

My Interpretation: "Love is an overrated emotion that is too often confused with lust and infatuation. It is also used too freely. Love is the ultimate deception"
My ex (right before he cheated on me): "I love you, sunshine"
автор: Sunshine81 3 декабря 2007
Love is merely a figment of the imagination in which one belives that he or she was "meant to be" with another for life. However, this is merely a shallow mental concept that is too often confused with the even shallower concept of sexual attraction. Many foolish individuals waste their entire lives fighting for this.

Even if "love" does seem to be found, either a couple will have to break up or someone will die. Another negative factor is that children always stop couples from "loving" each other.
Because it is an impossible accomplishment to achieve, I have never seen real love in the real world during all of my life.
автор: Soybean 17 марта 2007
The Way Daniel James Marigold feels about Katey Nicole.
Daniel Fucking loves that girl more than anything and everything. She is his entire life and he would be nothing without her.
автор: alkrath 12 ноября 2006
Love:a feeling of warmth and fuzziness caused by a sudden rush of hormones into the bloodstream. Not an actual atrraction, merely watered-down lust.
I thought i was in love but it was just my penis thinking for me.
автор: scrambled egss 8 июля 2006
1. A non-exsisting thing that idiotic people think they feel just because they see it in movies and literature.

2. Something men say to women if they want some pussy.
1. Dumbass: Dude, I think I'm in love with Angela.
Dumbass's friend: Shut the fuck, Dumbass. Love isn't real! Come on I'm taking you to get your dick wet!
2. Joe tries to pull his girlfriend, Britney's, skirt down.
Britney: No, Joe. I'm not ready for that yet.
Joe: But, baby I love you.
Britney: Aww... really? Come get this twat!
автор: VagAlmighty 12 февраля 2011
the process of being 'in like'
Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty.
автор: acorn1 22 сентября 2009
1) A strong feeling for someone that makes you want to spend time with them a alot.

2) You care a lot for someone but not in a serious way (Often used by females )

3) A feeling for something which makes you want to go back for more.
1) I love her so much, I don't know what I would do without her...

2) Ok I'll see you all next monday then, bye, Love you guys

3) I love Jelly babies! I needz MOAR
автор: MgPinky 30 июня 2009

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