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Inscrutibly incapable person.
Someone who seems unable to understand/do the simplest of things.
You did what...
You *#!$%@ m00k!
автор: Anonymous 1 октября 2003

Слова, связанные с m00k

mook bang cool far out fuck hump intercourse rad sex
also means, cool, rad, far out, fuck yeah.
that shit was m00k as fuck.
автор: HeatherHavoc 12 июля 2009
insignificant person
"your about as significant as a m00k"
автор: 00 13 марта 2003
Slang term used to refer to the act of sexual intercourse.
"Oh man, I want to m00k!"
автор: Tobias Talbain 17 мая 2006