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Sneaking a thumb into a womens private area. Traditionally done to strippers and cheerleaders, but can also be used against any woman wearing a short skirt and little to no panties.
I snuck the stripper the magic thumb and the bouncer kicked my ass.
автор: SothThe69th 6 мая 2003

Слова, связанные с magic thumb

fingering ass-whipping ass-whippings magic thumbs mistake rude gestures stripper
stripper fingering ass-whipping A daring maneuver performed by only the drunkest (or dumbest) of strip club goers, the magic thumb is when you slip your thumb into a woman's down-stairs mix-up, typically unapproved and almost always uncalled for.
Johnny slipped Muffin the magic thumb at the strip club the other night; those bouncers sure gave him an ass-whipping.
автор: Homer D 10 июля 2008