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since men don't keep diaries, but typically a journal if anything, they keep man diaries; hence, mannaries.
girl: "do you have any mannaries i should know about?"

boy: "no...." (he runs to push something further under his bed)
автор: the B-C dictionary (C) 21 февраля 2009
10 1
Man breasts, instead of mammaries, as found on fat men
Like the bloke in fight club although not always due to medical reasons, generally 'cause they are fat!
автор: Nick 10 января 2004
8 11
A pair of mannaries are the male version of female mammaries, or more commonly know as breasts.
"Got ya mannaries!"

Woman: "You like my breasts?"
Bloke: "Yeah, but not as much as my furry mannaries!"
автор: Xela Namyt 15 января 2006
3 10