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Mcdub is dub that is too thick, means fat sac of weed.
That dub was thick that dub was thick as hell like a mcdub.
автор: Clay Hembree Rob Mnoser 27 марта 2009

Слова, связанные с mcdub

mcdonalds boobs. burger dub dubtown fat food geeken grease mcd mcdonald mcdubs slut
A different name for McDonald's to make it so you dont seem like a fool for saying McDonald's.
Yeah dude lets go hit up McDubs, I hungry.
автор: kingshagman 23 июля 2011
A small town in Pennsylvania noted for its lack of anything to do.
Bob: "Come on man, let's go to Pittsburgh."
Tom: "Sure, McDub is so boring.
автор: Chilly C 8 марта 2009