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Some stupid man-looking beottch that goes to pistor middle school that is always confused does't know wat the hell is going on anytime.
beware dont try to be friends with her she is a Backstabbing lieing hater that i hate.
how should i start? well shes alwayz confused she hates on me 4 no reason at all and shes a backstabber.
автор: Annonymous:-P 3 апреля 2005

Слова, связанные с mercedes madrid

elton john gay diane talamante edward castro norma garcia sex change
bullshit, diane talamante! I know it waz you, u fuckin whore! Fuckin fuck urself wit ur fucking tissues! wait, I can't talk shit about ur man boobs cuz they got "protection" (kleenex). U r full of shit!
Diane is a fucking hater and a loner!
автор: -ANONYMOUS DIANE HATER! 5 апреля 2005