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A text / picture message that contains extremely suggestive and/or sexually explicit content - intended for a specific individual recipient...but accidentally sent to an unintended recipient on your cell phone "contacts" list.
Text Message (Intended for Jane): "I want to slowly undress you and lick your body"

Return mis-sext Message (Received from John): "I love you as a friend, but I think I'm going to pass on that touch football game with you next week!"
автор: specterpoint 9 января 2011

Слова, связанные с mis-sext

sext sexting cell drunk dialing grandma mistext sext messaging text text sex
when accidentaly sext someone that you never wanted to sext, ever!
"omg im soo sorry grandma! that was a mis-sext of how i wanted your hot wet body wasnt for you i swear!"
автор: super awesome dude 3000 3 ноября 2009