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When you want to fight someone,, or describe what you are going to do to them in the fight.
That beezy was talking mess, she is going to get mollywhopped.
автор: MilesInferno 8 апреля 2008
144 66
To totally and utterly kick some ones ass!
Man 1: *Throws up gang sign*

Man 2: Boy you is finna get Molly Whopped up in this bitch!
автор: Poop Stainz 5 июня 2003
101 27
A viscous beat down or a brutal beating of your enemy or opponent.
Keep talking mess, and you will get molly whopped.
автор: NeoSpartan 22 февраля 2009
78 30
to keep it straight Gangsta with it and deck someone
Jermaine O' Neal staight Molly Whopped that one Pistons fan last night. That was November 19th.
автор: The Leprechaun 20 ноября 2004
92 45
1.to get knocked out
1.Noval's mom was hella sexy so I mollywhopped her pussy.
2.Angel mollywhopped Andreas and he didn't recover for hours.
автор: John Hungwell 9 мая 2005
133 89
To punch someone so hard it lifts them off there feet; usually ending in a KO.
You see joey fuckin molly whopped that nigga? Lifted him right out of his nikes, then we fuckin stole em.
автор: STERLIN!!! 25 октября 2008
21 28
To strike a human forehead with ones heavy penis.
Yo, dat bitch wuz unconscious so I mollywhopped dat ho.
автор: Dick Gozinu 6 февраля 2008
101 111